Script Installation Service

On the right hand side you'll find the complete list of scripts I'm installing right now.

So why have I listed this scripts?
I've found that I always seem to be installing these scripts for people.
As a result I've grown to understand them better than most other scripts. This means I can give you a better price per installation. That's the plain and simple truth.

Do you have a script that's not listed above?... it's not a problem. Simply drop me a line here: along with your scripts installation instructions and I'll get back to you with my best possible price for a custom installation.


What others are saying...

"WOW! Sooner than I thought it would happen, Michel to the RESCUE!

I totally screwed up the ARP for one of our sites and contacted Michel and he RESCUED me before the team even knew I messed up..

I recommend him for EVERYTHING that has to do with his expertise to EVERYONE I know!

Thank you SO MUCH Michel!

Tony Profit, Life-Style Trainer

PS. OH WAIT!!! Michel was AWESOME again... he installed our NEW ARP for the website quickly!!"

Tony Profit —


"Michel, I am continually impressed with your fast response and accurate work. I highly recommend your service to any business owner that needs help with installing scripts.

Everytime I use your service, it saves me 2 hours of my time or more. And I love that the work is all done right the first time!"

Eric Owens —


"Michel, although I've installed many scripts and usually don't have trouble with most, there are those few that just 'stump' me. You get the script installed quickly and effortlessly and take hours of debugging off of my shoulders! :)

And at your low price, I really feel like I've cheated you! Keep up the great work ..."

Diane Hughes —

 Yes! I want to hire you Michel Komarov at to save me time and help me improve my productivity by installing my latest website script for me.

I understand that $57 gets me the complete installation of any one of these scripts below. Provided I have purchased one of the following scripts from the author (unless it's a free script):

AutoResponse Plus WordPress
PerlDesk ExoPHPDesk
IP.Board (InvisionBoard) phpBB
Groundbreak Ultimate Affiliate Feng Office
Redirect Pro Top downloads
Master Recommend Pro Master Recommend Free
Master Survey    
AdTrackz FM Click Tracker

I further understand that an software installation is covered by Michel Komarov's personal zero-risk, no questions asked guarantee:

Your software will be installed within 4 working days, or I'll install your next script from the list above for free.

In addition to this...

If your software doesn't work on your server I will either give you a full refund or install another of the above scripts free of charge.


 I have Read and Agree to the Service Provision Agreement Terms.

Order now 3 installations for a total of $127 (saving $44)

Order now 2 installations for a total of $97 (saving $17)

Order now 1 installation for a total of $57

Once you've paid for my service via my secure authorized retailer *( you'll be taken instantly to a thankyou page where you can find full instructions on how to brief me on all your scripts details.

*, Inc. is an authorized retailer of services provided by

Important note:
When you've submitted your script installation details to me you'll then be sent an email with all your order details along.

At the moment my installation time is within 4 working days from receipt of your order.

Please note: All scripts (except where free) must be purchased from the author before I begin the installation.
All software is "installed" at the owners risk.

To your success,

Michel Komarov, Software Engineer
"I Code to help you profit"